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Your Skin Summary

How do you navigate skincare and aesthetic treatments?

Knowledge is power. Supplement your bespoke consultation with an in-depth emailed Skin Summary which you can refer back to whenever, wherever.

What is included?

'Don't worry! I know we cover a lot in our consultation. Your Skin Summary provides a handy reference to always look back at.'

- PDF summary of your aims and goals

- summary of your skincare and aesthetic needs

- at home tips (including lifestyle, general health)

-general nutrition advice and bespoke supplementation plan

prescription skincare- how's and why's

- personalised prescription skincare routine

- in clinic treatments that would work for you

(including regenerative treatment such as polynucleotides, microneedling and skin boosters, as well as dermal fillers etc)

- next steps- timeline for skincare and in clinic treatments

'I encourage you to reach out at any point with questions. I am here for you.'

Example skin summaries below (click to view in full)

When it Comes to Skincare, Knowledge is Power

If you understand how and why I have suggested skincare or treatments you can take control of your journey, whether your goal is to achieve anti-ageing results, smoother and suppler skin, or subtle remodelling and contouring of your facial features.

You can react to your needs as they happen and make sustainable changes.

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