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Gut Health Supplements:
another tool in your arsenal of health longevity solutions

A healthy gut is integral to a healthy body and mind, and is therefore key to attaining health longevity and overall wellness. Make sure your gut can absorb nutrients, function properly and manage IBS symptoms 

selection of super foods integral to a healthy gut

Why is gut health important?

We now understand that the gut is integral to a healthy body and healthy mind.

These are the roles your gut plays in keeping you healthy

- absorbs nutrients

- ensures blood sugar levels remain stable

- helps regulate cholesterol levels

- provides immunity and protection from infection

- impacts mood and mental health

- influences hormones in the body

- helps provide body and mind with energy

- promotes overall wellbeing and longevity

How do prebiotics work?

Our gut is full of bacteria that is integral to allowing it to work as it should.

These bacteria need a snug environment to thrive. Modern diets, medicines and processed food destroy this environment

Prebiotics replenish and restore the balance and provide an ideal home for our gut bacteria.


What happens when our gut axis is off balance?

Common issues that stem from poor gut health include;

- bloating

- constipation

- diarrhoea

- nausea and indigestion

- IBS symptoms

- anxiety and stress

- worsened menopausal symptoms

- nutrient deficiencies

- tiredness

- spiked in sugar

- raised cholesterol

How Gut Powders help gut health

Well balanced gut powders include a range of dietary fibres to provide a stable home for your gut bacteria.

When taken daily they make sure you gut functions as it should.

bowl of supplements to contribute to longevity
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