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Treatment for Hair Loss

Are you experiencing hair loss as you age?

Do you have male-pattern baldness?

Have you noticed thinning hair after pregnancy or menopause?

Are you seeing hair thinning from stress?

What supplements help hair loss?

It is important to ascertain the cause of your hair loss.

In clinic I offer personalised blood tests to look for nutrient deficiencies.
The results of these can then tailor evidence based supplements as well as lifestyle advice.


What treatments help hair loss?

In clinic treatment options include;
- microneedling
- polynucleotide injections
- PRP injections

These all trigger repair of hair follicles and skin to promote hair growth.

Often the best results come from using a combination of treatments as each treatment triggers a different type of repair in the hair follicle and skin.

For example alternating a course of at least 3 Microneedling sessions 1 month apart with polynucleotide (up to 8 treatments 2 weekly are recommended for this).

Each treatment plan is recommended after a personal consultation to suit your individual needs.


Dr Anatalia sitting down
male having a treatment

What causes hair thinning?

Many conditions throughout the body can cause hair loss.

It is important to recognise that some conditions such as fungal infection of the scalp, scalp psoriasis and eczema can cause this. For these your NHS GP will be able to suggest options including antifungals and steroid treatment.

Other things that cause hair loss include;

- stress

- nutrient deficiencies

- poor sleep

- post-partum hair loss

- menopause

- male pattern baldness

- tight hair styles such as braiding or pony tails

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