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Wellness Medicine & Expert-Delivered Lifestyle Advice

Health and medicine starts at home. Simple changes such as diet supplementation can have big impacts on your whole body, on your mental health and the condition of your skin.

Avoid over-medicalising and over-treating.

Make achievable and realistic changes at home.

Find supplementation that actually works with Dr Anatalia Aesthetics, found in Didsbury, Manchester.

Dr Anatalia in-clinic

A healthy body, healthy mind and healthy skin starts with the fuel you put in

Dr Anatalia is passionate about giving you the most effective, evidence based and least invasive options, providing supplementation and lifestyle advice that works and is tailored to you.

Lifestyle medicine and evidence based supplements will allow you to take control of your physical and mental health at home and prevent medical troubles occurring .

Wellness and supplementations to treat;

- nutrient balance

- gut-skin axis

- gut-brain axis


-menopausal symptoms

- aches and pains 

How supplements help skin, body and mind

Blood tests for nutrient levels- simple and pain free at home blood testing that gives you easy to understand results for key wellness and health markers.


- Blood tests for inflammation

- Blood tests for nutrient markers

- Blood tests for tiredness

Supplements that works-

Clean supplementation utilising formulations that are actually what our body needs, that can absorb & have the evidence behind them


Balanced and pure omega-3 & omega-6 oils

 Vitamin C +Magnesium

Vitamin D

Multi-immune vitamins

Gut Health Powders

Treat deficiencies and optimise your gut skin axis and gut brain axis and use evidence based supplements to help with;


Menopausal issues

Joint aches & pains

acne & rosace

  Collagen banking

Treatments for tiredness and sleep-

Combining analysis of your lifestyle, your sleep hygiene and diet with at home wellness advice & supplements to help with sleep disturbances.

Treatments for aches & pains-

Discussion of your lifestyle, your medical history and how you move your body will give you easy tips at home.

Combining with supplements that reduce inflammation you can feel real results from inflammatory muscle pains, aches from menopause and arthritis.

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