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Dr Anatalia selecting prescription skincare products for patient

Medical Grade Skincare

Prevent, protect and revitalise skin with a bespoke daily routine - all part of your personalised prescription skincare plan.

What can skincare help with?

- preventive skin health

- antiaging 

- repair of signs of ageing

- acne


- enlarged pores

- texture and lines and wrinkles

- skin laxity

It is also a staple to get the most out of your in-clinic treatments!

- hold off or boost results of anti-wrinkle treatments

- enhance results of dermal filler treatments

- promote healing after skin-booster, microneedling or polynucleotide treatment


Start your skincare journey with targeted, results-driven regimens.

Doctor Anatalia’s Didsbury, Manchester, clinic is a registered provider of Obagi Medical and ZO Skinhealth Prescription Skincare.

Doctor Anatalia is a Dermatological Aesthetics Doctor who has over 10 years of clinical experience in the NHS and cosmetic sector.

Our aesthetics clinic is fabulously located, making it easy reach for patients seeking bespoke treatments in the Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas.

'The Foundation of Skin Health and Beauty'

Empower yourself at home to refresh, revitalise and repair your skin.

Whether this is the only 'treatment' you use or used in conjunction with polynucleotides, skin booster or microneedling - medical-grade, prescription skincare provides excellent results.

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I have chosen to work with 2 fantastic prescription skincare brands;


They are fuelled by robust evidence with  over 30 years of science and research behind them.

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Swipe to see why I only use medical grade skin care for my patients & myself

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