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Treatments for
Neck & Decollete

Are you noticing necklace lines, tech neck or an aging decollete? Explore skincare and treatments to rejuvenate the neck and décolleté.

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Natural Beauty

Prescription Skincare

Our neck and decollete often show signs of aging more than other areas. They are exposed to UV every time they are exposed to day light. So don’t forget to look after them!

Our neck and decollete can show;

- laxity and jowling

- platysma bands

- necklace lines 

- tech neck

-pigmentation changes

- dehydration

- crepeyness

Protecting your skin daily with a good SPF is a brilliant first step.

We an also use active ingredients in this area to repair signs of aging.

Active ingredients are integral to remove thicker layers of old and dead skin cells as well as to stimulate collagen repair and balance and brighten pigmentation and tone.

We spend time exploring what would be best for you, exploring how changes have affected confidence, control and sense of self. We discuss what your skin needs and we balance this with what is achievable and realistic for you. 

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Skin Treatments

In-clinic treatments are fantastic to

- reduce laxity

- soften platysma bands

- even tone and pigmentation

- soften fixed lines and wrinkles

Skin Boosters such as Profhilo are fantastic to quickly hydrate and regain tautness in the area or to target treat specific lines.

Polynucleotides offer a regenerative option to stimulate collagen and elastin and tighten lax skin as well as brighten and intensely hydrate

SkinPen Microneedling uses the body's natural ability to repair. It is the only medical grade device licensed to brilliantly treat; 

- fixed line lines & wrinkles

-age spots


- laxity

Dermal fillers can be used to subtly blur and lift out deeper fixed lines

The best treatment will depend on your individual needs and we will discuss this at length during your consultation.

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