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Treatments for
'Lines & Wrinkles'

Are you noticing smile lines appear in photos? Do you want to get rid of those '11s'? Would you love to not have a fringe but just want to cover up forehead lines?

Or do the movement lines not really bother you but it is more about those pesky fine lines or textural changes such as smile or accordion lines? ​

Do you think anti-wrinkle treatments are the only option but not sure they are for you?

Explore the common options below that are fantastic to heal skin and soften lines.

Dr Anatalia checking products

How Skincare helps lines and wrinkles

As skin ages collagen reduces as well as more dry and dead skin cells sitting on the surface.


When skin is losing  its strength, as the muscles move under it, it will fold more. 

If there is more dry and dead skin cells on the top layers fine lines appears deeper and texture coarser.

Great prescription skincare will improve these concerns by;

-triggering collagen production & repair

- strengthening skin

- hydrating & stabilising skin

- shedding top layers of dead skin cells

- boosts results of other skin treatments or injectables

- potentially holding off need for antiwrinkle treatments

Skin Treatments for lines and wrinkles

In-clinic treatments that focus on repairing and rejuvenating skin can kick start a new skincare routine and really boost collagen & elastin production and repair.

Focusing on skin health not only gives you the best results from antiwrinkle treatments but it can even help to hold off their need.

Skinboosters such as Profhilo, Redensity as well as Polynucleotides are injectable treatments that are great to;

- generally hydrate and plump

- trigger repair and healing

- achieve a healthy glow

- target fixed lines such as necklace lines, 11s, forehead lines or under eye lines

- strengthen areas where there are movement lines 

- to smooth and repair the decollete

SkinPen Microneedling uses the body's natural ability to repair to really boost collagen and;

- strengthen laxity

- soften fixed lines

- target under eye lines

As well as reduce pore size, soften texture and balance pigmentation and scarring

The best treatment will depend on your individual needs and we will discuss this at length during your consultation.

Procedure with a pen
patient smiling

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

If movement lines are your main concern, or you want to prevent fixed lines worsening, adding antiwrinkle treatments to a selection of skincare and clinic treatments will give you quick and natural results.

I aim to retain movement and avoid a frozen or waxy appearance. I do this by ensuring we only treat where your muscles need and I tailor dosages to you.

These can be used to help-

- forehead lines

- frown lines

- crow's feet

- bunny lines

- neck lines and jowling

- dimpled chin

As well as help position and refresh position of features.

Dermal Fillers for deeper lines

If you are noticing particularly stubborn fixed lines and treatment that focus on skin health and repair may not achieve your goals, subtle and soft dermal fillers can be used to smooth.

These can be great for

- crow's feet

- cat scratch lines

- smile lines

- accordion lines

Dr Anatalia with a female having a treatment

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