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Cheek Filler

Cheek filler is often where we should start to refresh the whole face.

By replacing volume where it is lost and sympathetically to your features we can quickly give an awake appearance, help refresh tired eyes and start the journey to soften nose to mouth lines and lower face 


Dr Anatalia administering cheek filler

Why consider  cheek filler?

The cheeks are the key support area for the whole face.

They help support the tear troughs under the eyes and the chin and lower face.


As we age we loose volume in the cheeks.

Some people naturally have more prominent cheek bones or fuller apples of their cheeks.

If there is not enough support, key areas such as under the eyes and the lower face can appear to sag.

By considering all your features, carefully placed cheek filler can;

- rejuvenate and refresh a tired appearance

- support tear troughs and minimise the need for tear trough filler

- create a more feminine profile

- creat a more masculine profile

- support nasolabial folds and reduce the need for nasolabial filler

- support marionette lines and jowls

- balance the whole face

How do you achieve natural cheek filler?

  • I carefully assess the balance of your whole features.

  • I respect the natural shape and anatomy.

  • I respect that a feminine cheek is different to a masculine cheek

  • I pick fillers of the right texture to integrate seamlessly with you cheeks at rest and when smiling

  • I try to use the smallest volumes to achieve the most results.

I also administer lip fillers, along with a huge variety of anti-ageing treatments and medical, non-surgical skincare

Be Beautiful. Stay Safe

Only Premium Products which have undergone rigorous medical studies and have a strong evidence base are used. All are sourced purely from medical aesthetic pharmacies. 

Booking for a consultation will allow in depth discussion and mean you fully understand how and why a treatment would help you achieve your goals. 

I will never do a treatment that is not right and safe for you.

Before and Afters

Look below for some beautiful client pictures

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