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Treatment Prices

Only premium products are used for all injectable and skin treatments, sourced for Medical Pharmacies with sound evidence based in scientific studies.

Skin & Aesthetics Consultation- 1hr- £125

 If you are a new patient I recommend you book a welcome consultation. This is ideal to get to know and understand each other and explore all options including;




clinic treatments.

If you feel you may want both a consultation and treatment please add a comment to your booking form to allow me to schedule ample time for both.

Online Consultations- 1hr- £100
For those struggling to get into clinic I offer an online option, for this please contact directly to arrange

Review Consultation- 30mins- £60

Facial Line Softening

Prices from...

1 Area upper face £155

2 Areas upper face £230

3 Areas upper face £270

Brow Lift £190

Jaw Slimming £285

Bunny Lines £155

Gummy Smile £155

Lip Flip £155

Downturned Mouth £155

Dimpled chin £155

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating (one area; both under arms, both palms etc) £390

Dermal Fillers

Prices quoted per syringe of Juvederm Ultra range. Please note prices may vary depending on number of syringes needed and if opting for premium TEOXANE RHA or Juvederm Vycross range.

Cheek enhancement From  £270

Lip Filler 0.5ml £270

Lip Filler 0.7ml £295

Lip Filler 1ml £320

Premium Lip Filler 1 syringe £360

Nasolabial Lines From £270

Marionette Lines  From £270

Chin Enhancement From £270

Jaw Enhancement From £270

Premium dermal filler 1syringe £360

Tear Trough Filler  £395

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty £395

Temple filler £395

Full facial rejuvenation

Starting from 3.6ml premium range £930

Dissolving of Dermal filler £260

Skin Boosters & Skin Remodellers

Profhilo (course of 2) £550

Profhilo (stand alone) £330

Redensity 1 (course of 3 treatments to one area or total 3 unit dosages) £500)

Redensity 1 (course of 3, treatments to 2 areas total 6v unit dosages) £900

Redensity 1 (course of 3, treatment to 3 areas total 9 unit dosages) £1200


Redensity 1 (stand alone treatment, 1 unit dosage) £180

Polynucleotides & Exosomes

Single treatment from £300

Course of 3   £750

Please note recommended course length will vary depending on indication

SkinPen Precision Microneedling

Treatment to face

1 session From £270

3 sessions From £700

6 sessions From £1350

Treatment to face and neck 

1 session From £300

3 sessions From£800

6 sessions From £1550

Treatment to face, neck and décolleté

1 session From £390

3 sessions From £920

6 sessions from £1940

Treatment for acne scarring

1 session From £300

3 sessions From £800

6 sessions From £1550

Depending on indication best results are seen after 3 sessions. 

Please arrange a consultation to discuss what would be best for you

PRP Treatment

Treatment coming in Spring 2024

Treatment for Flushing

Cheeks £270

Each Additional area £50

Obagi Medical &
ZO Skincare Ranges

Bespoke skin routines are made after discussion during consultation to understand your skin type, needs and goals.

Blue Peel Radiance

Single treatment £100

Course of 3   £270

Nutritional & Wellness Testing & Supplementation

All natural ingredients, vegan options

Balance test- Omega-3/6 & Bodily Inflammation


Zinzino Vitamin D Test £67

Balance Oil 300ml- Omega 3, Vit D & Polyphenols £ 60

Zinzino Xtend+ Natural Multi-Immune supplement £60

Zinzino Viva+ Sleep + stress formula Magnesium, saffron, vit C, iodine £39

Zinoshine+ Vitamin D+Magnesium £21

ZinoBiotic Prebiotic Gut Powder £43

Skin Lesion Removal
(Cryotherapy + Minor Surgical Procedures)

Consultation prior to removal- £50

Cryotherapy- wart, verruca or skin tag removal- single lesion £100

Cryotherapy- mole, verruca or skin tag removal- cluster of lesions £160

Surgical removal- skin tag single lesion £150

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