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Aesthetic treatments & skin care that are safe in
'Pregnancy & Breastfeeding'

Are you unsure what skincare is safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding?
Are you seeing melasma or skin changes due to hormones of pregnancy? Are you struggling to stick with a routine that will help with dull, tired and aging skin?

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Prescription Skincare

Hormone changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding can impact skin in a number of ways.

Hormone changes trigger;

- oily skin

- acne breakouts

- pigmentation changes (melasma, chloasma)

And when baby comes often our self care is the last thing on our mind. Tiredness, stress and lack of time can take it's toll on skin causing us to see;

- lines and wrinkles

- laxity

- dullness

- uneven skin tone

Many of the well known active ingredients that are fantastic at tackling these issues are not recommended in pregnancy and breastfeeding...but there are many that are!

We spend time exploring what 'basics' and active ingredients would be best for your skin needs, ensuring a stream lined, safe but effective routine.

Skin Treatments

Unfortunately many in clinic treatments are not safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding.


These include;

- chemical peels

- antiwrinkle treatments

- dermal fillers

- polynucleotides

- skin boosters

However, we spend time focusing initially on what you can safely do at home and with a fantastic prescription skin routine. We also can formulate a plan moving forward, so when you are ready and it is safe to do so, you know exactly what treatments will be best to tackle your concerns.

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