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Medical Grade Microneedling

Whether your focus is on skin anti-ageing

 or you want to tackle dermatological issues, SkinPen harnesses regenerative medicine to get fast and consistent results. 

What can microneedling help with?

- preventative and anti-aging skin health

- fine lines and wrinkles

- skin laxity

- pigmentation and tone

- enlarged pores and skin texture

- acne scarring

- surgical scarring

Procedure on woman

Microneedling is a fantastic way to get the most of your at-home or in-clinic treatments;

- kickstart a skincare routine

- boost results of skincare

- hold off or enhance results of anti-wrinkle treatments

- enhance results of dermal filler treatments

- boost results of polynucleotide or skin booster treatments

The aesthetics clinic is fabulously located, making it easy reach for patients seeking bespoke treatments in the Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas.

'Stimulate collagen and boost repair'

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SkinPen Precision

I am proud to work with SkinPen. The only medical grade

device approved by the FDA for treatment of LINES, ACNE SCARRING, SURGICAL SCARS, PIGMENTATION AND ENLARGED PORES, with proven scientific results. This medical grade device safely and effective penetrate to the layers of the skin where pigment is made and collagen will be produced, giving you the best and lasting results.

For best results...

Step up to a course of 3 or 6 treatments. 

This is especially useful for deeper scarring or more marked pigmentation and lines.

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