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Would you like to smooth & hydrate your lips? Do you notice get tight, itchy and flakey skin? Do you struggle with a dull complexion? 

Explore the common options below that are great to rehydrate, calm and brighten dry skin & lips.

Dr Anatalia

How Skincare helps dry skin

Dehydrated skin is is different to having a dry skin type. ANY skin type can become dehydrated. But both dehydrated and dry skin can mean you experience; 

- dull complexion

- obvious lip print

- cracked or dehydrated lips

- peeling or flaking

- itching & irritation


Many things such in our lifestyles and the products we use can cause skin to become dehydrated and dry skin is more prone to irritation and dehydration if we are not aware of these.


Good quality skincare is integral to healing dehydrated skin and preventing dry skin types from becoming irritated. 

Great prescription skincare helps dry skin and lips or dehydrated skin by;

- ensuring right amounts of oils are cleansed off and replaced

- providing safe and appropriate products for delicate areas such as the lips

-stabilising and strengthening skin

- smoothing and brightening

- reducing itching

- controlling inflammation & irritation

- protecting skin against dehydration triggers

We spend time exploring what cleansers, hydrators and active ingredients would be best for you and we balance this with what is achievable and realistic for you.

Skin Treatments for dehydrated and dry skin & lips

In-clinic treatments are great as stand alone and to boost results of your skincare.

They are also fantastic at generally strengthening and repairing the skin which helps prevent further flares.

Skin Boosters- Profhilo and Redensity 1 are fantastic to provide immediate and lasting deep hydration as well as delivering rejuvenating nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins.

They are great to help with;

- dehydrated skin

- dry skin types

- post menopausal and perimenopausal skin

- dull complexion

Polynucleotides are a new injectable treatment that triggers repair of the skin using DNA . They can be used to-

- reduce breakouts

- settle inflammation and redness

- repair and strengthen the skin

- soften pigmentation 

As well as being fantastic in general for repair and rejuvenation of skin and collagen.

Dermal Fillers- dermal fillers come in a wide variety of textures. If you would like to hydrate dry lips without giving volume light dermal fillers are ideal for just this.

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