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Polynucleotides- A 2024 Skin Trend That Actually Works- repair aging & delicate skin & heal inflamed skin

Updated: Jan 19

Polynucleotides are all over the media now and pegged to be one of the top aesthetic and skin trends in 2024.

I am not one to advise having treatments off the back of a trend but this is one that actually works and has many years of evidence behind it.

I have been Philart Polynucleotides in clinic for a while now and love that is gives patients an option that focuses heavily on repair of skin.

What are polynucleotides? Are they really salmon sperm?

Polynucleotides are derived from fish DNA, trout and salmon can be used, but they have been purified to extract only the DNA fragments. This DNA mimics signals sent in our own body that turn on the repair mechanisms for cells in our skin. Regenerative medicine has been used for many years, notably in countries like Korea, renowned for leading the way in skin care and science.

For vegan patients, there are other effective options and I would look towards exosome therapy or microneedling to give an alternative, though not identical treatment.

How do polynucleotides work?

Whilst polynucleotides are technically skin boosters, they differ greatly from products like the well loved Profhilo and Redensity 1.

Skin boosters focus on hydrating the skin. These injectable moisturisers use concentrated Hyaluronate acid, sometimes combined with amino acids and peptides to give intense hydration and subtly plump skin. Over time, these can lead to some tightening of skin.

The DNA in polynucleotides triggers cells called fibroblasts to restructure and repair the skin on all levels.

What can polynucleotides help with?

Polynucleotides dramatically stimulate production of collagen and rapidly strengthen skin, so helping reduce laxity and soften lines and wrinkles.

They are a fantastic option in sensitive or delicate areas such as to brighten the under eye and improve crepey skin on the neck. They give the right patients an effective option that can help hold off need for anti-wrinkle treatment or avoid tear trough fillers.

They also are wonderful at balancing sweat and hydration in the skin as well as reducing inflammation. This means they give an effective option that can be added onto skin care of peels to help with acne breakouts. They are also wonderful for dehydrated, sensitive or inflamed skin such as in rosacea or perimenopausal/post menopausal skin.

Their ability to repair also means that areas of hair thinning or blading can quickly show thickened hair growth.

How do I know if polynucleotides are right for me?

Most people will find benefit from polynucleotide treatment. Whether you want to prevent skin aging, improve visible signs such as laxity or pigmentation, boost treatment for acne or rosace or target specific areas such as dark circles or hair loss, their rounded action on skin repair will definitely benefit you.

Polynucleotides should be viewed along side skin care, with an initial course of treatment and then top ups through the year.

Booking for a consultation will mean you can be given all options, including skin care and other aesthetic treatments and truly understand how best polynucleotides would help you achieve your goals.

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