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Party Season Ready- when to have treatments before an event

When I see Christmas decorations in the shops and it isn’t even Halloween I recoil a little! But there are some things for Party Season that we really should be thinking about already.

If dewy skin or aesthetic treatments are on your wish list to help you look and feel your best for an event then here are my top tips to make sure you aren’t caught short.

Profhilo or polynucleotides? Antiwrinkle treatments or fillers?

A consultation is the place to start to ensure that the treatment you book for is the one you should go for. Whether you are a newby to aesthetic treatments or you are no stranger to the treatment couch, having confidence in your choice of treatment and practitioner is priceless. You get this confidence by talking things through, feeling that your practitioner fuller understands what you want to achieve, understanding how and why treatments are suggested and knowing what to expect during and after your treatment.

How can you be expected to know exactly which skin treatment will help with crepey skin or that cheek filler is the go-to first step to help with those nose to mouth lines. So, spend some quality time talking through your needs and goals. Your practitioner has the knowledge share!

Don’t settle for half the results because you have only had time for half the course!

Many treatments such as skin boosters, microneedling and polynucleotides get the best result after a course of treatments. Make sure you factor this in AND allow time after the last one for the effects to build.

View courses of treatment much like you would a prescription of medication. Each treatment give your body a 'dose'. Take polynucleotides for example; each treatment give a dose of hydration and triggers cells to repair and produce collagen, this is boosted each time you have the treatment and builds to an expected result of smoother, brighter and tighter skin after the course.

Your practitioner will take time to explain what to expect at each stage and make sure you know how long a course is needed to achieve your goals.

I have an event the day after my teartrough filler; will I bruise?

Dermal fillers and any aesthetic treatment that uses a needle, no matter how small, can have a chance of making a bruise. Swelling and inflammation to varying degrees come with the territory, as this is your bodies natural response to having been poked around. Certain areas are much more delicate and more prone to this; the lips and under eyes in particularly. During a consultation your practitioner will take time to talk you through what to expect during and after the treatment. They will take steps to minimise bruising and swelling but even the most skilful cannot promise that you will not experience any.

Generally after 2 weeks most swelling and bruising will have settled and by 6 weeks the dermal filler will have absorbed any water and integrated fully.

Give time for the magic to work.

Many treatments that get results from influencing how cells work take time for these chemical processes to kick and then for the results of these to become visible.

Antiwrinkle treatments temporarily reduce muscle movement and build over 2 weeks to your full result. At this point you may also need a tweak to dosage which needs time to kick in too.

Dermal fillers, whilst giving immediate results, give the best results when swelling has settled and the product has plumped and integrated fully.

Skin boosters need time to spread beneath the skin to deliver their hydration and then to trigger cells to repair and collagen to be produced.

Take the stress out of aesthetic treatments

Whether it is the Festive season you are planning for or another big event all these factors can apply. Making sure you are in the know about when, how and why to do treatments takes the a lot of the anxiety out of it. Often, the best most natural results come from combine a range of skin care and aesthetic treatments. There may also be other things to consider that may tweak your timeline a touch, so book a

consultation to check you are on the right path.

start as soon as possible

prescription skin care

3 months before

skinpen microneedling

2 months before

skin boosters, dermal fillers

1 month before

peels, antiwrinkle treatments

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