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Dr Anatalia In The Media

Read more about my approach and ethos in published articles.

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How Aesthetics and Skin affect our Confidence

Why getting treatments like anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers isn't about vanity

patient smiling during treatment

Why Is an Aesthetic  Consultation Important?

Take time to discuss things before you go under the needle.

Dr Anatalia and patient talk

Should you jump on skin care trend band-wagons?

Are any useful?

Can they harm your health?

Read my article helping you navigate the world if skinfluencers

Aesthetic doctor warns against popular fake tanning trend that can make you throw up

What Skin Care can Reduce signs of aging?

Read a summary of my social media reel outlining what products you really need to be using

Dr Anatalia in an article in The Sun

Sleep is integral, not just for us to feel awake but for our whole mind and body.

Expert explains how sleep can affect your skin  Watch.png

Find out what happens in your skin and face to cause bags under your eyes.

Can you eat your way to a healthier skin?

Best recipe for reducing under-eye bags 'I'm a skin specialist and I eat a specific diet t

Top Tips For Looking After Yourself This Winter

Winter can take its toll, on your skin, body and mental health. Take control this winter.

woman in a hat in winter
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